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What is burnout syndrome? 
We talk about the evil of the century, a scourge that affects more and more employees. But how to define and understand it? How to prevent it and how to get out of it? We know that burnout can affect each of us, it sneaks up upon us and appears when we least expect it.

 Our coaching and councel will allow you to better comprehend the syndrome of professional exhaustion or burnout, to define it, to understand it, to prevent it, the ways to fight it and heal.


“Once again, I would like to thank you for your support. Indeed, it really helped me to highlight my skills, to be able to write them down in black and white. In addition, you have been a great psychological support for me. Your listening, your kindness and your advice allowed me to get through this difficult period more easily.”      Julie T.

“Thank you for this workshop on professional exhaustion and burnout. You knew how to put softness on a delicate subject, I learned a lot thanks to you and the workshop participants. When I say “no”, I say yes to “the freedom to respect my unique individuality”.      Elizabeth D.

“Thank you again for your support and your professionalism, this coaching has really brought me a lot. I now feel capable of leaving a job that no longer makes sense to me to move towards a profession in accordance with my values.”          Olivia M.

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