Our goal in coaching is to accompany and facilitate change, to transform fears and obstacles into motivation and gateways, to help individuals and teams progress, and to nurture, as well as accompany career development.

A coach is above all the expert of change. Thanks to a process of relevant and incisive questioning, the coach is able to help a person in his/her reflections and in the steps to be put in place to achieve fixed work objectives, as well as career goals.

The professional coach follows a structured process that allows a person to progress at their own pace by making them aware of their own functioning. Through dialogue, the coach allows his/her coachee to find and implement their own solutions, to initiate, lead and consolidate their change.

Individual Coaching:

•  Work on soft skills

•  Regaining self-confidence

•  Performance and organization improvement

•  Building leadership and management skills

•  Stress management and time management

•  Prevention against harassment and burn out

Our goal is to “put people before technology”, we can accompany you in French or English – it’s your choice.

Team Coaching:

•  Problem, tension, and conflict resolution – help towards a solution

•  Building performance and dynamics, thanks to the appropriate choice of mechanisms: change, innovation, quality…

•  Construction of team projects

•  Recognition of individuality

meilleur coach professionnel certifié – best professional executive business coach and coaching

EMCC FRANCEBilingual in French and in English, Florence Billam-Walker and her team, can accompany you in either language – it’s up to you.

An active member of the EMCC, we regularly lead professional coaching workshops.


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