A conflict?  A situation that seems inextricable to you?  Call on a Professional Mediator.

What is Professional Mediation?

Mediation is a practice based on a structured process which accompanies the parties in conflict to rediscover dialogue and find their own solutions to the dispute(s) between them.

The mediator is the expert on the relationship at hand. He/she must be impartial (does not take sides), neutral (does not judge the solutions found) and independent (is not subject to any authority). The mediator is also bound by complete confidentiality.

Before the situation worsens, rather than being subjected to an agreement or a ruling imposed by a judge at the end of a long and expensive court case, become an active contributor to your solution(s) by choosing Mediation

Neither judge nor arbitrator, the mediator is an expert in RELATIONAL QUALITY, a communication facilitator, and an accompanist towards mutual autonomy and resolve.

Why choose Professional Mediation?

•  To get out of a painful situation and move towards recognition

•  To become an actor in the choice of solutions to one’s own problem(s)

•  Because being a prisoner of a conflict is not being free

•  To avoid an imposed solution

•  To anticipate, prepare and assist in company and/or industry change

•  Because conflict resolution in mediation is generally faster than a legal solution

•  Because since April 2015, every employer has the legal obligation to offer mediation as a method of conflict resolution

How does Professional Mediation work – what’s the procedure?

1.  Opening a dossier and setup of mediation

2.  Individual interviews with the parties in conflict

3.  Dialogue sessions followed by a resolution meeting between the parties

Four appointments/meetings are usually sufficient to reach a solution

•  The 2 individual interviews last an average of 75 minutes

•  100% of our mediations find a solution in less than 2 months

A mediator, a mission, a result!

Member of the CPMN, Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation

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